Author Topic: Choosing the right battery (charger)  (Read 1403 times)

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Choosing the right battery (charger)
« on: March 01, 2017, 04:03:30 PM »
At first, I'd like to thank CdRsKuLL for the excellent work on the 3D model for the Mavic Pro clone.

I've already printed most parts, but am having problems with the 2 tops of the model. Because of their large surface, they keep on warping. As soon as I've been able to print the whole frame, I'll post a build log. Promised :) I've chosen the 3.1 F3 version and have ordered exactly the same components as mentioned in CdR's buildlog (I've never even flown a multicopter before, let alone built one, so I didn't want to order exotic components). The only thing I haven't ordered yet are the batteries and the RC transmitter (I'm thinking about getting the Taranis Q X7).

For the batteries, I'd really like to hear from everybody what they are using. I've looked into the S3 Multistar batteries, but they seem to be LIHV, for which you need a special charger? Will an ordinary LIPO charger work, but only top the batteries up 'till x voltage instead? Are all S3 batteries the same physical size, or do you actually have to check the specs to measure whether they'll fit the frame? How about using 18650 batteries? Will they work, or is it not advisable to use those for multicopters? And what kind of charger is everybody using?

I'm sorry if these questions might be na´ve or stupid, but I've only recently started reading/learning about the hobby ;)
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