Author Topic: New Mavic clone Naza M, ABS printed - and questions  (Read 175 times)

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New Mavic clone Naza M, ABS printed - and questions
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:56:24 AM »
Hi everybody,
First, Excuse my english level, as I am french, i've learn english at school but i didn't have many opportunity to practive over the past 15 years so a lot of grammatical and vocabulary gaps, but i hope you can understand.
I've recently found website and discover all the 3d projects.. a lot of work, and good work, thank's to all, specially to CdRsKuLL.

So, I've decided to start building my Mavic Clone, 
I use ABS to print it, all the parts looks right after cleaning, sanding and painting.

Electronic parts i use :
- Naza M Lite  with Ublox Gps,
- TAkyon Esc
- Sunnysky X2208 1260Kv
And mavic Props 8"  with 3000Mah Multistar Battery.
Runcam Split (next step)

Everything seems to fit well since i start to screw motors on arms.

I'have printed my arm in Symmetry mode (charging one Arm in Cura) and I apply Symmetry for the other.

The problem i have is that holes for the screws are not at the good place for one Front and one rear arm.  I mean that wires are not aligned with their hole to go to ESC.

I have disassemble the X2208 to see if their is possibility to move wire anywhere else, but the stator is strongly glued.
Does anyone as encountered  this problem? or as solve it?