Author Topic: Remote Sensor Placment for Cameras  (Read 211 times)

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Remote Sensor Placment for Cameras
« on: November 30, 2017, 07:39:12 PM »
So this mostly applies to my upcoming Mavic build, but It could be a big deal for a lot of drones, so I figured I'd drop it here.

The biggest difference now between our 3d printed Mavic clones and the real one is... The camera. They packed great 4k capability into a tiny camera and a little gimble that fits the size and design of the Mavic perfectly. Any solution we have involves either an  inferior camera (Runcam Split) or a clunkier setup (GoPro). I was doing some research, and it appears the cameras that are in the runcam form factor have the imaging sensor/lens assembly attached by a ribbon cable. Indeed, Runcam even offers an extender so you could mount the sensor remotely.

How does that help? Runcam only makes a 1080p camera in that form factor!. Well.. Yeah. Enter the Hawkeye Firefly Q6. Already looked, the sensor connects the the mainboard with a ribbon, so we could extend it. hawkeye doesn't make a cable, but I literally solder under a microscope for a living. Make a micro gimbal (or gut the Mavic's, you can find replacements on EBAY) Mount sensor remotely, Profit. We have a small form factor, 4k camera, with something the Real mavic doesn't have: Interchangeable lenses.

Has this been tried before? Am I just crazy?