Author Topic: DJI Clones and OpenHD (Open Source alternative to Occusync/Lightbridge)  (Read 2403 times)

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I just came across this group and it is very impressive!

I actually picked up some DJI mavic and Spark gimbals with the intention of making some simple pcbs to control them with a Storm32.

However, it seems like you guys are still using analog video for your fpv.

You might really want to check out OpenHD which is an actively developed upgrade to ez-Wifibroadcast.

The use and setup is extremely simple but, there's just some complexity related to the options that are configured but nothing too hard.

OpenHD would be perfectly suited for the DJI clone builds because, it use a special Wi-Fi adapters in a special way that pretty much emulates what DJI does on their hardware.

We primarily work together on Telegram and there's a link on the GitHub page here.

Also, RCGroups but, that forum is so hard to deal with so if possible telegram is great or here on rcgroups..

This guy provides a pretty good basic setup video.

This flight was 10Km yesterday.

Finally, here is a 70Km Flight on 5.8Ghz recently posted.