Author Topic: Inspire clone finally done  (Read 1872 times)

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Inspire clone finally done
« on: July 04, 2019, 08:38:24 PM »
Hey all

in the beginning of 2018 i started this project and I would gather parts over time then in october 2018 i had it finally flying but it had alot of gps/compass errors and it was on a 4S which drained so hard on the lipos with the weigh of the drone, i used a simple plastic geared 360 servo which broke teeth all the time made my own bushings for the legs out of nylon which worked but not as smooth..

so i put everything on a shelf and started over with collecting things this time i got myself a  360 degree metal geared precise digital servo, i bought myself a 50a 4in1 3/6S esc I remodelled some parts and got 6s Tarot 380kv motors which would give me 1,7kg of lift on a 6S on a 13 inch propellor per motor and the drone weighs with lipo 2,7kg so I have alot of lift reserve, got the recommended needle bearings

3D printed the arm bars.
3d printed my own little bushings for the arm bars
3d printed and modelled my own the top motor mount part
3d printed my own gps/compass holder that goes infront of the servo(completely interference free now)
remade some other parts so i could fit a 4in1 esc in that goes up as high as possible and the power leads are not exposed.
remade the middle part so the servo sits a little lower to work with my own 3d printed coupler I shared on these forums

Thx to CDRSKull for the base design i might throw myself on to design a inspire 2 clone one day when I have more spare time.

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Re: Inspire clone finally done
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2019, 11:13:09 PM »
Beautifully made. Congratulations.