Author Topic: My build so far - some v4.1 F3 parts won't fit (but there is a solution)  (Read 1172 times)

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While printing the Mavic v4.1 F3 parts I noticed there are 2 base-parts in the download (Base Middle.stl and Middle.stl).
I like the Middle.stl a little better because it doesn't have the extra lid on one side, but I noticed that the Nose and Gimbal holder don't fit in there. The ones from the V4.0 seem to do so (but I still have to print them to confirm this, my printer is now busy on the legs so they are up next  :D).

The green parts on my screenshot are from the V4.0-download.

As you can see on the 4446-attachment I printed both but I hope to use the one on the right. The parts (just) fit in in the left one (with a little pressure).

Still not sure where/how to use the Sonar-holder-part on the 4448-attachment, anoyone an idea? The holes on the Sonar-cover match just fine, the holder was in the v4.1-download as well but I don't know where to place it.
Is it normal that the sonar (4451) is sticking out this far? I may have liked it better a little more lined up  8)

How well do different types of ESCs fit in the legs? Or is it better to go with a 4-in-1-ESC? And what amperage would you need for this? I'm thinking about 1000 or 980kv motors (any more advice here?).

Thanks for the great project though, I'm busy ordering all the different electronics and I hope all will fit in. Next time I would maybe scale it all up a bit as a lot of others did on this forum  ;D

// Edit: Just found out I need the other Top-front as well since the holes don't line up..
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