Author Topic: F4 v2 build 4.1 with camera  (Read 1919 times)

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Re: F4 v2 build 4.1 with camera
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2019, 12:18:40 PM »
I can't get the fc mounts to stay on, they've snapped off the original base, the second one and now this latest one, I can't trust them at all now so I've drilled through, will countersunk them and bolt through the base for a secure fitting.

Started putting the arms on, not happy with the ball plungers, the arms are still very easy to move, I was assuming they would/should snap the arms into place. It might be the locating hole on the arm is too small but ill need to look up the specs of the plungers to check that.
I'm not sure of the solution, the whole spring thing that most others do isnt what I'm after either really. I'm thinking the way to go is to have pin plunger that goes into a hole that has a pin hole on the outside so the only way for it to fold back is to insert somthing like a SIM card removal tool from the outside to pop the pin back in.

Unfortunatley there's somthing wrong on my arms, when folded they hit the base and if folded fully are actually being forced outwards and straining the mounting point, either the angle on the base is slightly off or the angle on the arms. It could be different when it's together so I'll wait to see how far they need to fold then, it may be a good feature to have cap heads on the front mounts instead of the countersunk I'm using, it stops the arms going to high.
To save re drawing then reprinting either part I'm going to file the present arms down to fit properly once it's all together if needbe.

I've used countersunk bolts for a cleaner build.
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