Author Topic: Original Mavic motors legs (bought original mavic motors from Ali $10)  (Read 5702 times)

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found working screw; print is working :)
i'm now printing the full arm you provide to test


cool..... :D :D   i will do other 3 at night can you send me some pics so that i can have idea about motor reses is enough or not

Ok, so full leg is finish, thanks again :)
here attached some pictures of motors and leg. And here are some returns:
- holes alignment is good, i can screw the 3 holes
- holes position: could be a little bit better, if we want to use the cable management, as i had to "force" a little bit to be able to aligne the cable and the holes. Maybe change the position of the holes by 5 left , so we can better positionned the motor and use cable management
- the space for the motor itself is good, not to big, not so tight

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