Author Topic: Arms for DJI mavic orignal motors  (Read 2388 times)

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Arms for DJI mavic orignal motors
« on: March 24, 2020, 09:09:30 AM »
some days ago a member posted idea about using orignal mavic motor for our printed one
so i wnated to order some for myself aswell
those motors need some custom mounting hole diff from regular 2212 motors

so until my my motors get to me i want to make those arms
so searched some dimentions online and some from previous post i modified cad files provided by CDRskull

but sadly i dont have anything to test fit

so am uploading those files here if anyone have those motors please testfit those in this arm
if anything is wrong please leeme know i will modify those again

also if anyone have those motors handy it would be great if you provide me dimentions

happy flying ;D