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3D Printed CSL Clone V1 / Inspire Clone V1 Build instructions
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:44:08 AM »
Hi everyone, I am proud to be here with you and to thank CdRsKuLL, for his great gesture of giving me the opportunity to share my files with all this community.

I'm going to explain a little bit about what my job is about:

Clone Inspired V1 based on Pixhawk, Apm and Naza mainly, this design was created by Dale a friend and colleague in which I was introduced later because I saw some very beautiful principles, since then and worked totally in my own 3d designs and Models for my taste and to correct many failures of arming of main structure.

All the improvements that each user can make will have to be verified and tested 100% that that part works correctly and is 100% functional to be added for download as a valid file, this is not to have 100 pieces of the same part with only 1 modification

El gimbal a sido diseñado también para 2 modelos diferentes

1º modelo de gimbal 3 ejes con motores storm32 de 3 ejes
2º modelo de gimbal 2 ejes con motores DYS de 2 ejes

There are 2 inspire Clone V1 designed and running

1st option for the users is central axis with a printed thread of 96mm that will raise and lower the arms by means of a simple servo of 13 kilos of torque
Lift arms for 22mm tubes
T-arms for tubes of 22mm x 18mm

2nd option and the one I use because I like it more is for my most effective and beautiful
The center is raised by an iron thread used in 3d printers with 2 end of runs and a servo from 8 kilos upwards of torque.

Lift arms for 25mm tubes
T-arms for 25mm x 18mm tubes
(The latter I am modifying by 25mm x 22mm for the T arms)

3D Printed CSL Clone V1 / Inspire Clone V1 Parts required
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:43:52 AM »
This dron inspired v1 is designed to carry the following components and are those that have been tested 100% effective, currently this version is 100% finished and functional, you only need a 3d printer or someone to make the impressions.

RC Components I've used Dron

x4 Motors 350kv high for 2-4s batteries
4in1 30a drives for 2-4s batteries
x1 Pixhawk 2.4.8, APM 2.8 or Naza V2
x1 Gps from 6m to 8m Minis from ublox
x1 Current Controller for 2-4s Batteries Matek
x1 6in1 LED Controller Board
Batteries from 5000mah up to 5500 mah 22v 60c (you can use different Batteries) these are the batteries that we have used with more effective and a time of 27 minutes of flight.
X4 Prop 15,5" Carbon Fiber
X2 limit switch
X1 Servo Metal Gear Torque 13kilos
X1 Lead Screw 8mm
X1 Brass Nut 8mm
X2 carbon tubes 25mm or 22mm (Here you can choose which tubes to use for Arms)
X2 carbon tubes 22mm or 18mm (Here you can choose which tubes to use for T Arms)
2 meters of 1mm cable red = positive
2 meters of 1mm cable black = negative color
2 meters of 1mm cable yellow = mass
For all motor wiring
x1 16mmx8mmx5mm Steel Shielded Deep Groove Ball Bearing 688ZZ
x1 Robot Biaxial Servo Spare Part Round Servo 25T Mount Bracket for DIY Robot (Optional)
x1 M3BN1 M3*4mm H62 Brass Knurl Nuts DIY Accessories 100pcs
x1 Mini Converter DC-DC Adjustable Step down Power Voltage Module 2-6s (Optional)

RC Components I've used Gimbal 2 o 3 Axes

You need to use the 3 axes gimbal the following components
X3 engines of the HAKRC Storm32 gimbal

You need to use the 2 axes gimbal the following components
X2 engines of the gimbal DYS BGM2208 70T Brushless Gimbal Motor

If you do not know where to buy these components for each place I can advise your places are

Bangood (China)
Aliexpress (China)
RCInovation (Spain)
GearBest (China)

This is where the most popular shopping places are usually. You will be responsible under your mandate to buy where you want, this is outside of us, it is simply a help.

3d Printed Inspire Clone / Front clutch modification inspired clone v1
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:08:27 PM »
Well here the last modification of my version of morro more detailed, more slender, and modified the holes for screws 3m

E added two resoltes in its interior to fit now perfect frictionless in the central plate now no need to modify anything you can print and paint and place

3D Printed CSL Clone V1 / Inspire Clone V1 Electronics
« on: April 23, 2017, 01:38:54 AM »
To perform the electronic part you need to know this diagram to raise arms and lower, this is the elevator that makes the raising and lowering of the arms

Here a process that I just finished and print and test everything perfect in PLA or ABS

And realized of the plates for 2 types of motors that we are going to mount

3d Printed Inspire Clone / Gimbal 2 ejes y 3 ejes
« on: March 01, 2017, 05:37:27 PM »
I present here our design of gimbal rotary of 2 models for gimbal 2 axes and 3 axes

2-axis model uses DYS brand motors
3-axis model uses 3-axis gimbal storm32 motors

This model has been designed completely, with reinforcements implemented, and realized for cameras Sj4000, xioami and i, we will make later models for cameras Gpro, Firefly 6s etc

We have worked with ABS and PLA models the result in ABS is very amazing after going through acetone, PLA is a little harder to leave smooth, but if you work with PLA down to 0.1mm of line separation, also with 25% Of filling is sufficient, but we have tried with 25% and 50% of filling.

The most sensitive part is where the anti-vibration gums are placed, but with care will not have problem

This gimbal is self-locking and blocks with just turn as the original of inspired 1, hemso tried similar to the original, with a central ajugero to pass the wires, this gimbal is very good for many drones which we encesitas a lace and rapid disembedding of the gimbal , As inspired or similar.

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