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Buy and Sell .... / Mavic Clone Parts to sell
« on: August 06, 2018, 11:07:10 AM »
Hi everyone,

Im happy that this community is still alive and also some people try to build their one mavic.
Unfortunately it didnt work for me also because of lack of free time and that is the reason why I have some parts to sell.
If somebody is interested please send me a PM. Because of high shipping costs, I only ship within EU.

4x foldable props for 6mm Motor shaft (fit on DYS BX2212 Motors for example) + Spare blades - 15
4x DYS BX2212 920KV Motor with 6mm Shaft (2x CW, 2x CCW) incl. Locknuts - 20
1x Mini Ublox M8N GPS Module NEO-M8N ( - 25
1x HOBBYWING XRotor Micro 20A 4 IN 1 Brushless Motor ESC - 10
1x Multistar LiHV High Capacity 3000mAh 3S + LIPO Safe Back (max. 5 times charged) - 13
1x Gimbal Set containing Storm32 3-Axis Gimbal Controller, 3 Motors (2x 2204, 1x 2805) and 1x brand new NT IMU Module (Less issues and inteferences then the normal IMU Module) - 40
1x TBS Unify Pro HV Race Video TX + Short Pagoda Antenna - 25
1x Eachine ROTG01 OTG Video RX for Android Smartphones + Pagoda Antenna - 12

Package Price: 145

Please note that I cannot give any guarantee but I assure that all pieces worked until I disassembled my Mavic.

Delivery Cost within Germany 6,90 (DHL Paket)
Delivery Cost within EU on request

Cheers and have fun with your Build ;)

General RC Chitchat / [Germany] Anybody printing Nylon?
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:56:21 AM »
Hey Guys,

for another RC Project Im looking for somebody in Germany who is able to print Nylon (preferably Taulman 645).
I need to print couple of Gears which I tried first in PETG and after 2 Minutes of fun they lost about 50% of their Teeth.

If anybody could help me out I would really appreciate it. Of course I pay for the printed parts and the delivery!


Thought it might be interesting for somebody that Hobbyking offers free shipping to from all warehouses in cause of Black Friday.

Happy Shopping  :)

3d Printed Mavic Clone / Mavic Lift-Off Platform
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:11:37 PM »

I dont know if I'm the only one with that problem but INAV in combination with a Sonar Sensor is a pain!
Everytime the Sensor gets a bit blocked by Grass, a Stone or whatever mother nature offers INAV detects the Sensors as faulty and disable it which prevent me from arming and I cannot lift off.

After getting pissed a few times I designed a small, lightweight and foldable Lift-Off Platform for the Mavic Clone which should make it easier to arm and fly.

The Design is pretty simple and needs only 5 screws and 2 nuts to put together.

I printed all Parts in PLA with 25% Infill, 3 Perimeters and 4 solid Layers.

ZIP File with all necessary Files attached. Just print one of each parts and three feets.

Any Feedback is appreciated


3d Printed Mavic Clone / SP Racing F3 as Gimbal Controller?
« on: November 06, 2017, 09:54:41 AM »

I was looking around for a small and suitable Gimbal Controller and already started to make space for one of those "huge" Storm32 Gimbal Controllers when I cam across this Link:

If I understand correctly it means that the SP Racing F3 Flight Controller can replace a gimbal controller and control the motors (at least two) from PIN 7 and 8 using the onboard Sensors.

Does anybody has any experience with that? It would be absolutely great for this Mavic Build!


General RC Chitchat / Small 10 Channel Receiver for Mavic Clone
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:50:41 AM »

Im still putting together MK 2 of my Mavic Clone and Im already facing a problem while thinking of the Gimbal:
Currently I have a Flysky FS-I6A 6-Channel Receiver. All the Channels are used for the FC but I need at least two additional Channels to control the Camera (Start Record...) and two Channels for the Gimbal (Pitch/Yaw).

Can anybody Recommend a small 10 Channel PWM Receiver? I think a Bus Receiver is not going to work because I need to split the Channels to the FC, Camera and Gimbal Controller.

Any advice appreciated.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I currently use a Flysky FS-I6 Remote which apparently only works with Flysky Receivern and the only 10 Channel Receiver I could find are huge...

Mavic Build Diaries / Mavic Build - iRazoR
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:38:48 PM »
Hey Guys,

I almost finished the basic Setup of my Mavic Build to get it flying so its time to share my results.

First of all I want to mention that I have absolutly no experience with quadcopters and RC-Builds in general but some experience with electronic projects and 3D-Printing. Thanks to CdRsKuLL's Project I already learned a lot and I can only recommend to try for everbody who visit this website :)

But have a look at my Mavic Build...

The Body is printed from black PETG at Bottom, Top and Back Arms and transparent PETG for the Rest. I printed at 230C at 0.1 - 0.2mm Layer Height. Infill is 30% for Body Parts and Arms/Legs 70-80%

Components I used so far:
1x SP Racing F3 Deluxe
4x Emax 2213 935KV CW Motors with Self-Locking Nylon Nuts
1x Hobbywing 4in1 20A Mini ESC
1x HC-SR04 Sonar Sensor
1x Naze Mini M7n GPS LITEBEE RadioLink M8N GPS SE100
1x WS2812B 2*2 LED
1x Multistar 3000mAh LiHv Battery
4x Mavic Props
1x FlySky FS-I6 Remote + Flysky FS-IA6 Receiver
1x HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Screws I used:
8x M3x6mm for Motors
2x M3x25mm for Back Legs
4x M3x35mm to connect both body parts
2x M3x20mm for Front Arms
4x M3x20mm for Top Front
2x M3x16mm for Front Feet
3x M3x25mm for Battery Bottom
4x M3x6mm for FC
4x M3x6mm for ESC
7x Insert Nuts
6x M3 Nylon Nuts

Things working so far:
- Motors are spinning in right order and direction
- iNAV Firmware is flashed to the FC and partly configured
- Gyro works
- Accelerometer works
- GPS works
- Sonar works
- LEDs working
- Flysky Remote and Receiver working

Things not working:
- Sonar is sporadically not detected by iNAV. Have to see whats the reason

I also would like to share some problems I faced and other people might come accross too:
- The Flight Controller I ordered from Gearbest seems to be a bad quality clone unfortunatelly. The internal Compass and Barometer are disabled by iNAV because of Fault Detection Feature. That seems to be a very common Problem with Clones but it is also difficult to find a working Controller.
- When I ordered the ESC because I couldnt find the Black Widow Motors anymore I didnt expect that it might be a Problem to mount it next to the FC but actually it is not a good idea if you want to use the internal Compass of the Flight Controller. The Cables between Motors and ESC cause magnetic fields which might interfere with the compass and force your drone to fly in the wrong direction. To avoid that I tried to put the Cables as far away from the FC as possible to I decided to install the Front Motor Cables on top of the Battery plate. The Battery has still enough space and the Cables have some distance to the board but if it actually is enough space I cannot say as my Compass is not working xD
- I had to add a 1kOhm Resistor to both Sonar cables (Trim and Echo) and not only one to get it working.

Things I will probably change to solve the mentioned problems and improve the Copter:
- Use an external GPS/Compass Combo and desolder the onboard Compass should solve both problems. If you desolder the Compass the Barometer should be detected by INAV without problems. DONE
- Im planning to replace the motors with DYS BX2212 920KV Motors as they weight only the half. Those Motors would lower the total weight by about 100g

Things still to consider:
- 2-Axis or 3-Axis Gimbal?
- Which Gimbal Controller?
- Is the Runcam Split the best Cam in Size/Quality Comparison?

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