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Mavic Build Diaries / Mavic Pro Build from Germany
« on: September 01, 2018, 03:57:39 PM »
I am fairly new to this forum and just now starting this Build Diary. My first attemt were out of Pla because i didnt have Abs at the time. The thing didnt lift off and broke a wing directly at throttle up. So now i am printing in Abs and have all componets here. I will use Mavic Pro propellers with a 3d printed Quick Release Adapter from Thingiverse.
I plan to use 1400kv motors in combination with the 8330 props. I am thinking about 4s if i have enough space. Now a question. Should i bother? Is 4s worth it and even doable with my setup or just a waste of time?
I would love to hear your thoughs.
Ps.: I love your work CdR.

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