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3d Printed Inspire Clone / Inspire Clone Modifications...
« on: June 02, 2019, 12:38:58 PM »
Hello everyone ... I am a beginner and in full contruction of an Inspire V1 clone ... after having modified to pass in 6S the frame as well as the supports engines, the gimbal from the excellent files of CdRsKull (.stl reworked ) I can not operate the MG 995 Tower Pro engine (modified in 360 via You Tube tutorials). I have in fact a permanent request of the IDE of update of the libraries ... and I can not find again the file PinChangeInt Master ... a priori the libraries are "obsolete" ...
My cabling is as follows ... X8R (Sbus) to RMILEC converter for Pwm signal, then Pin D2 (signal input) ... all the rest of the wiring is as indicated by CdRsKull ...
Thank you for your help that I can advance and share everything by videos ... Good flights

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