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Mavic Build Diaries / Mavic clone... And so it begun... (by FoldingLlama)
« on: December 21, 2018, 08:38:34 AM »
Hi all!

Yesterday I finally decided to go for it and start y project on the Mavi Clone.

First of all: a BIG THANK YOU to CdRsKuLL for this site and the design (and off course to all you out there providing valuable information, tips and tricks)!

I will go for the Version 4.1 F3. I downloaded the STL-files and made my first prints (on an Alfawise U20), starting with the middle (although I'm not quite sure about the difference between the STL-files of "middle" and "base middle", but in one of the treads I read the files to print and there "middle" was used, so I went for that").The result seems to be good in my opinion. One of my nicest prints untill now (see the pictures).

I'm also compiling a document with all the parts I'll use. Once finished, I'll upload it. It is, off course, based on the things I read in the tread of CdRsKuLL and the responses you all gave on that.

I know it will be a trail and error (mainly the electronic parts), but that part of the fun  ;)

Thanks for providing me with some feedback and support whenever needed  ::)

Greetings and happy end of the year!

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