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3d Printed Mavic Clone / DANGER... motor power wires
« on: September 08, 2019, 01:35:31 AM »
I'm building the MAVIC NAZA v4.1, and making lots of small mods to the body parts so the NAZA components will fit better (
However when I disassembled the arms on one of my prototypes this morning, I saw that the insulation on the power wires of the two arms had been cut and pulled apart.
This was after only a few "openings and closings" of the two arms I had assembled, so I wonder how things will go after a period of actual use?

The openings on the arms and on the body to allow the wires to pass through are quite small and also sharp-edged, and I think this is the main cause of the problem.
Also, the power wires on my Black Widow 2204 motors are quite thick.

Has anyone else seen this?
Any fixes or ideas to prevent?

Apart from the risk of fire, there's a likelihood that a short or even possibly the complete severing of a power (or perhaps a control) wire will cause a crash.

I've enlarged the holes in the body and also used a scalpel blade and a file to "bevel" the edges of the body and arms where the wires pass through, hoping that will be enough to reduce the problem.

Mavic Build Diaries / New build by a newbie.
« on: July 14, 2019, 10:50:37 PM »
Hello all.
A friend let me fly his Mavic a couple of months ago and I've been wanting to build one ever since.
I know very little about drones although experienced in electronics and 3D printing and I'm not sure which to build though: the MAVIC F3 v4.1 or the NAZA v4.1.
Can anyone suggest why one might be better than another?

Any suggestions/feedback appreciated.

Just printing the NAZA to see how it goes, and so far the parts fit together beautifully (will be donating via paypal).


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