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Mavic Build Diaries / Closest to original mavic i can get ... :o
« on: February 15, 2021, 06:48:57 AM »
I started this project 2 years back , and now finally its looking like something .... ;D

Build :

1) mavic pro naza 4.1 design
2) dji naza m lite upgraded to V2
3) original mavic pro motors
4) mavic pro low noise props
5) Favourite littlebee spring 30a ( blheli s)
6) flysky fsi6
7) HBP power 2200 mah 3s lipo

Flight time:

on 2200 mah lipo first level protection activated after 8 mins (11 volt load 11.5 no load )
10 mins of total flight time till second level protection activates and lands the drone (10 volt load and 10.5 noload )

issues I faced :

1) motor mounts - dji uses its own 3 screw mount for which the arms need to be modified , i posted those modified arms in this forum -  - use 9 mm m2.5 screws if you got longer ones either use spacer or cut screws

2) naza gps size issue -  i am using original naza gps which have round pcb for that you need to use modified round nose -

3) fsi6a rx pin header problem - using servo pins in this build is terribly hard task so just soldered to the back of the signal pins

4) naza led module not available or too big for your taste - i got my naza m lite used so it came with naza v1 power and led module (combined ) which you have already guessed is terrible to see from outside so i just installed a 5050 pcb which is very slim in profile , (purchase the version without resisters )  connections- open nazza v1 led module you need to solder 3 wires from it to (1) to gnd (2) to red (3) to green of 5050 led pcb

5) where to put esc - this wont be a huge issue if you get 4 in 1 in first place but if you got escs like me what you can do is arrange the escs like a 4 in one with layers of insulation tape of course its not so much heat efficient but can save some space and place it in backside of naza

6) usb interface for naza v1 pmu - naza v1 have usb port on pmu which gets very hard too reach sometimes so my solution was to find slimmest micro usb cable with smallest head and cut maybe 5 cm from it and solder male headers to it making my own usb extension and soldered female headers to remaining cable

7) programing esc - due to some power limitation in blheli escs your quad can shake a lot so took a advise from youtuber to turn it off  ( low rpm power protect ) -
&pbjreload=101 refer first comment

8) naza programing
- by default naza assist uses f450 gains to all the configs when you choose quad x in naza setup but due to fact that rear arms are lower then front arms it causes issues particularly speaking pitching very fast forward without even touching any sticks

found the working gains in this same forum ( cant thank him enough )'s-sort-of/msg6541/?topicseen#new 

use 108 99 100 100 config

9) more space - using optimized upper parts can certainly make your life easy -

some of my mods :

1 ) risers for arms and belly ( clip on pressure fit no need to glue or screw ) -

2) modified legs for mavic pro motors -

note : - coloring is still left and drone was going crezy at the beginning so don't judge me on those dirt marks  ;D

made some parts to fit mavic(naza )

1) Rear leg locks - fits out of bed
2) front leg risers - need little bit sanding to fit in the slit closest to motor
3) front belly riser - if you don't wanna add leg risers alternatively you can attach this to front side ( where mavic name is written ) with 3 screws and brass inserts
4) catch - long catch to go with new upgraded top parts posted in third party parts

can anyone share how they are fitting esc and other ele in frame
i have fevourite spring blheli s elcs (not 4 in one )

 so finally tested the arms for dji mavic motors

here are sample photos

special thanks to "lezabour" for testing the designs

i attached zip file with 4 modified legs below ...

Mavic Videos / Arms for DJI mavic orignal motors
« on: March 24, 2020, 09:09:30 AM »
some days ago a member posted idea about using orignal mavic motor for our printed one
so i wnated to order some for myself aswell
those motors need some custom mounting hole diff from regular 2212 motors

so until my my motors get to me i want to make those arms
so searched some dimentions online and some from previous post i modified cad files provided by CDRskull

but sadly i dont have anything to test fit

so am uploading those files here if anyone have those motors please testfit those in this arm
if anything is wrong please leeme know i will modify those again

also if anyone have those motors handy it would be great if you provide me dimentions

happy flying ;D

3d Printed Mavic Clone / Starting new build
« on: January 10, 2020, 02:21:07 PM »
Am really happy to get started with mavic naza build
Can anyone here can direct me towards parts list and build instruction if any

Am aware that this must be posted somewhere and I really tried to find in forum too but can't find it so asking this in this thread am really sorry for that

It would be really helpful for me to start

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