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Inspire Build Diaries / Re: Looking to buy a few inspired build kits
« on: July 07, 2017, 10:39:37 AM »
How about I donate $300 so you can keep tinkering with the ftl file, and you print me a few sets for free.


Ok what kind of printer do I need ($300ish price range) new or used.

Preferably plug and play but I can tweak things if plug and play isnt realistic.

What kind of filamint, filament and what endfill and temperatures do I go for?



Inspire Build Diaries / Looking to buy a few inspired build kits
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:16:07 AM »
Hey, friends

My name is Keith, I'm from the USA.

I have a couple T600's that I fly and enjoy on a regular basis.

As much fun as they are, they are fragile, expensive, limited and expensive lol.

I wanted to invest in a 3d printer and start printing the inspired drone that several of you have completed and flown with success. However I'm not in a position to learn the craft as of now.


3drskull, thank you in advance for this rarely afforded treat.
It is my intention to possibly hire you or someone you recommend to put a few of these inspired drones into a "kit" that I can build and fly.

The concept is fairly straight forward.

I would like to invest a few hundred US dollars into this.

How does $100 per kit sound?

I would like at least 3 kits.

Kit includes:

-all the printed components for 1 complete drone
-all current updated parts
-all the necessary hardware ie. Bolts, screws pins etc
-complete set of carbon fiber rods/tubes- cut and drilled.
-printed build instructions
   -parts index
   -build requirments

All packaged neatly in a cardboard box.

My email is

Please contact me as soon as you can.



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