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Yes im doing exactly the same but I have to much projects and drones as it is and not  the space to hang or store them all  ::) ::). I am building/drawing a 3d printed 4x Octocopter for a 2man camera operating system with a entire 360degree rotating base, and then i am always trying to improve my 3d printed foldable hexacopter design im pretty sure you know what im talking about :) when you are doing several things at once

thx Steve! it works very well and it seems I break my servo before the coupler. But I need to follow your servo suggestion since my 360 servo has plastic cogs! here she is I am just waiting for my 4in1 esc so i can clean up the cables

well the whole drone is 3d printed.. im not sure if "very dangerous" is the thing to call it its just a extra thing to have in mind.. and you dont have to print PLA you can use nylon or ABS for this part. making it a thing less to worrie about but I did add that people should check the coupler each flight if u use this part

beside all that can happen if it breaks is that you wont be able to lower or lift your arms.

Thank you victor i just hope it helps people to get cheaper away with building it and you dont have to mod the servo. The M2 bolts were to long that hold the threaded rod in place and you need to use shorter ones else you will hit the inner arms corners. see picture

i have a box of them but I could not find it at the time. and i wanted to test the strength of the coupler but i can tell now since ive tested it and used it that it works fine its also a little shorter then the cnc coupler so i lowered my servo and was able to puter copper tape like thick spongy tape between gps and servo giving no interference.


Hi I did not feel like modding my servo to attach this type of coupler

so I designed this coupler so you can 3d print and attach it to the little disc that comes with a servo when you buy it.
 keep in mind its 3d printed and might not be as strong overtime and you need to keep an eye on your coupler everytime you fly my guess.

i did not include the holes in the servo-sided-part since I saw from 2 different servo's both disc's where different in where the holes were so you have to drill the 2 holes with a 2mm /1,5mm drill while marking your coupler and your disc nicely aligned on top of it.

hope this was usefull for someone. The STL for the coupler is in the attachment

PS you should use those mini hex bolts that go intirely inside the coupler to lock the threaded rod in place i just could not find mine and wanted to know the strength.

Hey! thank you. I didnt mean as in 3D printing :) was more for a full 3d assembled model you can see what part goes where if someone has a hard time finding which thing goes where.. Basicly I was going through files finding it a spaghetti of things. I could not give a place untill I made a 3d model assembled and still the gimbal parts i have a hard time to place them.

The design of this drone is way too awesome to make it look like a clown  ::)

was gonna color code them as an example ( Dark purple = inner leg bottom right (1).stl + inner leg top left (1).stl )

and I just wanted to share the assemble in 3D view perspective

will start a picture log soon.

3d Printed Inspire Clone / 3d model with every print in a diffrent color
« on: January 31, 2018, 03:55:32 PM »
Hi all im just printing all the parts and will assemble one for myself but i was looking for an 3d assembled model which i could not easy or find at all so i put everything together in this online CAD program.

Every print has a different color if an item has the same color it means its the same item printed twice..

How ever i have some problems which i hope someone can clear up for me as in the (gimbal front mount (1) / gimbal rear mount(1)) if it just goes under the model?

im willing to invite CdrSkull or someone with a great bunch of knowledge of this design to add/fix these parts

Anyway Kudos too Cdrskull for this amazing design here is the link ( ) click View 3D for a full 3d view

(edit : found a picture with the battery spacer plate attached)

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