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As you said on pm it was my design you just copied and as you have offered via pm to remove from thingiverse that will be fine thank you.
You say you designed and drew it, at best you drew it but it's my design.

If it's removed it's matter over.

Still copied then, still my design, still no permission given, still no credit given.
Funny yours have same error mine did, same size angle mine did, same size flatter diameters mine did.
I'll let thingiverse decide, I'm never posting stls anywhere again.

How come it's exactally the same file as the one i uploaded here then.

I'm deadly serious, I believe you've taken my prop adaptor files I kindly drew out and uploaded to here and you've posted them on thingiverse under your name.

There are measurements on those adaptors that I made up and those measurements are on those designs.

I've reported it to thingiverse,  i hate theives. Ill not be helping him again.

Looks like you've copied my prop adaptors there :(

Mavic Build Diaries / F4 v2 build 4.1 with camera
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:26:59 PM »
I am unable to get over some scumbag (berniapple) taking my prop adaptor design and posting it elsewhere on the internet for free download claiming it as his own design.
I made the files for this forum's members only and he had no permission to share it across the net and certainly not allowed to claim it as his own work.
To that end I can't be a part of the same site as him nor do I have any interest in this project anymore.
No offence meant to anyone else but it's hardly a proper clone it just looks simular and the more you get into the building of it the more you realise it needs a total redesign and could have been done much better. Its weak in the important areas and over sized in others, I personally got romanced by the automounous features of a real mavic pro 2 i had a play with and thought it would be more fun building one than going out and buying one but i soon came to realise, using this as a base model,  I was very wrong. This is just a heavy, almost, lookalike and the electronics would be better used in a lightweight frame with much better performance. Without the proprietary dji stuff (which wont fit this copy) it will never even remotely behave like a mavic.

I bought a genuine mavic pro 2 after the fallout on this forum and to be honest, after a week of flying it I stuck it in the workshop with the hundreds of other models I have and not touched it since.
Sorry to screw the forum up but if I'm not supporting my build or the site anymore there seems to be little point in keeping my posts here so I've deleted them all (I think I must have had the most posts on site, there were a couple of thousand at least, it took forever).

Berniapple is a thief, the stealing of other people's work then claiming it to be their own is not only a scummy thing to do it's also copyright violation. Thingiverse agreed with me and removed his account and he too also admitted himself and removed the link from this site, society seems to breed these assholes that think it's ok to steal if no one objects but as soon as someone does it's all apologies and they play dumb.

See ya guys, good luck, im done.

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