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I'm really sorry but I've been super busy and only just got round to turning the laptop on to mod the files only to find when I did v2 I somehow did the alterations needed for the top part to the bottom part and visa versa so I can't actually use those drawings as they need a total redraw to get right which is the same as starting from scratch.
I have v1 files but they were wrong and I can't remember the alterations needed from v1 to v2.
Basically I know the mods needed for v3 from v2 but I don't have a useable v2.

I'm sorry to hold you up but now things have slowed down a bit I can finish the printer mods and will redraw the adaptors and do some test prints. I should have somthing this week.

I can't find any simular sized gimbal motors to the ones you ordered and I can only find those from the place you ordered from but after your experience I will not use that company so I'm stuck with the gimbal myself.

No worries. Still searching the bullet connectors. I'm sorry for your printer and the v2 files.

Regarding the motors, I thinks it is our post company that messed up, not the company where I bought them... I'll start the inquiry this week.

I've not had time, work has held the printer mods up and I've decided to make a new enclosure while I'm at it.
They need tweaking in a few areas as I was still at the point of drawing then printing until I got the right sizes.
I had hoped to finish the printer today but I'll alter the drawing from memory and post the stl up, if you want to print one and try it I can alter any sizes and repost. Otherwise I can't test them until my printer is finished.

To get the pins out I pushed them from one side, I can't remember which side but the pins are stepped so push the smaller diameter side. The props then just slide out.

Thanks for the explanaition Kananga! I'll try it later today.

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: front top on mavic f3 4.1 too small
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:30:24 AM »
Hello all !

I start to print all parts and it look like the top front is too small !
I need to scale it to 102.7 %.
very strange because like I print all from the same printer I would not have problem..

Is there somebody who had same problem ??


Emmanuel from France.

Weird. Mine came out perfectly. Just look at the thread of FoldingLlama. Kananga is also making his mavic clone at the moment (he has also a good thread).

Small update:

Just put my mavic outside and ... YES: got a very quick 3D GPS fix!!

My motors seem to be lost somewhere on earth... Reseller sent them, the post got them, but I never didi. So an inquiry has to be started. First flytime will be without cam.

Now I need to buy some gold bullet connectors for my motors to connect ( and a Lipo charger. the one I bought is only to hook up on a car battery. Overlooked that...

Kananga, got the prop adapters sorted out? Don't hesitate to provide them.
How did you dismantle the original props from their connection?


I'm trying to connect Omnibus f4 pro v2 controller.
I've connected Doha now
Frsky xm + - SBUS, 5v and GND
GPS BN-280 - UART6 - rx6, tx6, 5v and GND
Servo gimbal - pwm5 and pwm6
LED - on the other side of the J1 - 5V, GND and LED
This is bothering me now
Sonar HC -SR 04 - 5V, GND, (UART6 - SCL and SDA) if I understood it well

Hi Ursos,

I have an F3. Got the same sonar. just plugged in the IO_2 for the ground, 5V, trigger and echo. worked perfectly.
Wich gimbal controller and which motors do you use?

OK, so GPS, sonar and LEDs working and configured! YES!

Next step was to check if I could connect the cam, but there I'm completely stuck...

The Foxeer Legend 2+ has 4 cables coming out (2 black, 1 yellow and 1 red) (
  • I suppose one ground (black)
  • one positive (red)
  • one video (yellow or black?)
  • and one audio (yellow or black?)

The FPV-transmitter ( has:
  • a pos & neg IN (towards my FC to get 5V I suppose?)
  • and a pos&neg&sign (yellow) OUT (towards the cam; just need to figure out which one on the cam is the video and which one the audio)

If I'm right I only need to connect those on the mavic and install the Go FPV-app of the FPV-receiver ( Is that right? But how do I connect the FPV-receiver to the FPV-transmitter? Only long pressing so it scans all frequencies?

No other connection to be made with the FC but the pos and neg of the FPV transmitter?

But I could also hook up via the foxeer-app directly and control the foxeer without all that if I'm not mistaken. That goes over Wifi. Just tried it, and it seems to work fine. Moreover, I can control when and where to take pictures and videos directly from my smartphone.

My FC ( has no integrated OSD if I'm right (only connectors for it > 4 cables on UART1 > +,-,TX,RX). Or can I connect my camera directly to that OSD (grd,5V and TX or RX for video; no audio than??)?

Thanks for any help on this.

My bad, I'm repairing my printer today, I'll sort the adaptors for you.

No hurry Kananga! I'll start with the GPS and Sonar. Then I'll configure my LEDs. Printing won't be before the weekend.

Past weekend I tested the drone (without props) to see if everything works in iNav and that the motors spin the right way. Everything works fine  ;)

Next things to do:
  • find the good connectors for the cables of the motors (I won't let them as on the picture; this was just to test)
  • make a good connection for the cables of the GPS (which seems to work in iNav even with an F3 controller)
  • make a good connection with 1K-resistor for the cables of the sonar
  • get the prop-file from Kananga and print it ;)

Think I'm going to order from somewhere else in that case.

Just informed at the post office. Nobody knows where the package is. So the sender needs to ask for an inquiry at his shipping service... Curious what will come out of that. So I think I'll start off without the cam...

Have you got your gimbal motors yet?

nope still not... :-(

Hello, I purchased the same 4in1 esc. It took over a month to arrive from banggood. Now I cant find any info and instructions. Banggood seems to have removed the listing and does not work. Did you get instructions on how to wire this esc?

Hi Rcnoob,

here you'll find the info:
If you scroll down you'll see the wiring instructions.

Greetz ;-)

I've never used it myself, is it user friendly?

It's pretty similar to cleanflight and betaflight

Look up inav.

Indeed. just found that. but that's for tomorrow. just flashed it for inav.

OK. GPS working with inav, but needed also to connect the wires of rx and tx the other way around than mentioned on banggood.

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: my second version (January 2019)
« on: February 03, 2019, 12:23:37 PM »

Look up inav.

Indeed. just found that. but that's for tomorrow. just flashed it for inav.

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