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As far as a canopy goes I'd like to make one out of carbon fiber, I think I have located a unit that I can use as a plug for the mold, the reason I want to use carbon fiber is I can modify as need be for what I want, I build DLG's so vacu-forming isn't an issue for me I just don't want in turning into a 900 step process to get what I want (I am kinda picky) As far as the GPS goes thats going to have to be mounted under fiberglass as it will not function properly under carbon fiber. thank you very much for the response!

 New to group not new to droning, curious about building an inspire. first can I run an ardupilot Pixhawk or an apm instead of the Naza platform? Also has anyone done any vacuum forming on parts using carbon fiber? If so do you have mold .stl's? Or is this something I will be making on my own? And aside printing out the parts where do I begin with this build? Let's get this show started shall we!
   thanks in advance!

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