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I'm really sorry but I've been super busy and only just got round to turning the laptop on to mod the files only to find when I did v2 I somehow did the alterations needed for the top part to the bottom part and visa versa so I can't actually use those drawings as they need a total redraw to get right which is the same as starting from scratch.
I have v1 files but they were wrong and I can't remember the alterations needed from v1 to v2.
Basically I know the mods needed for v3 from v2 but I don't have a useable v2.

I'm sorry to hold you up but now things have slowed down a bit I can finish the printer mods and will redraw the adaptors and do some test prints. I should have somthing this week.

I can't find any simular sized gimbal motors to the ones you ordered and I can only find those from the place you ordered from but after your experience I will not use that company so I'm stuck with the gimbal myself.

Just checked, they push out from underneath.

I've not had time, work has held the printer mods up and I've decided to make a new enclosure while I'm at it.
They need tweaking in a few areas as I was still at the point of drawing then printing until I got the right sizes.
I had hoped to finish the printer today but I'll alter the drawing from memory and post the stl up, if you want to print one and try it I can alter any sizes and repost. Otherwise I can't test them until my printer is finished.

To get the pins out I pushed them from one side, I can't remember which side but the pins are stepped so push the smaller diameter side. The props then just slide out.

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: front top on mavic f3 4.1 too small
« on: February 17, 2019, 11:18:15 AM »
Which version you printing? Do you have pics of the bad fitment?

Quote: How big is this large data source? How much data can I get because I suspect I deleted this large content?

What's your problem, why do you keep joining and spamming the site with this crap? You can see its an English speaking site so why post in somthing else.

6  setting up your camera to your transmitter.  some fpv-osd-fc tips  wiring up the vtx

When I tried my video receiver with a different fpv system I just long pressed so it started scanning just as you thought,  it soon picks up the signal.

I can't find a wiring diagram for the foxeer 2, I take it your wires don't have th3 plugs on.

I don't think your Wi-Fi will have the range but I'm not very informed with Wi-Fi yet.

The rest of the questions I've an idea but I don't want to tell you the wrong thing, I'll have a look through your stuff and get back to you. I've got a simular transmitter (mines the one lower spec I think).

Yellow is normally always video, white is often audio.

As far as I'm aware the camera will go to the fc, the osd will go to the fc and the transmitter will go to the fc.

I'm considering not going through the fc with my camera, it's somthing that I can easily change at a later date with an extra wire. I'm just going to set the camera going before I take off.

Read up on what power your fc is happy to put out, you might be better going to the main power with your transmitter, I know some boards won't even run a receiver properly and are only designed to run leds and a buzzer.

You might get some suggestion through inav? For example if you go to the fpv section does it say which connections to use.

I'll have a quick read up for you and post back if I find anything, in the mean time someone else may know already and post up.

My bad, I'm repairing my printer today, I'll sort the adaptors for you.

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: F4 v2 build 4.1 with camera
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:20:32 PM »
I forgot about the adaptors, sorry. I post through my phone and the files are on my laptop with no internet access. I'll sort it out.

My printer repair bits have come along with a couple bits for the clone. I'm going to mod the printer today and hopefully be back on it tomorrow.

If you have a printer that uses the board to provide power to the heating bed you must do the mosfet mod or you are on a ticking time bomb that will set fire and can set fire to your house. It's a very serious problem most people don't know about until they've got a burnt out printer.

Think I'm going to order from somewhere else in that case.

Have you got your gimbal motors yet?

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: my first version (March 2018)
« on: February 03, 2019, 11:22:52 PM »
Mines coming in at 570g but there are still a few alterations to make yet which will add a little bit more weight.

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: my first version (March 2018)
« on: February 03, 2019, 05:52:49 PM »
I'll see what mine weighs.

I've never used it myself, is it user friendly?

Mavic Build Diaries / Re: my first version (March 2018)
« on: February 03, 2019, 01:08:11 PM »
That looked heavy.

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